Wilderness First Responder

Wilderness First Responder Wilderness First Responder Wilderness First Responder Wilderness First Responder Wilderness First Responder

It is for wilderness professionals, guides, scout leaders, and anyone who works or plays in a wilderness setting. This course follows the guidelines of the Wilderness Medical Society and the NOLS. Topics include all the topics covered in the Wilderness First Aid course above, PLUS.  (120+ hours))

  • Introduction to wilderness medicine..

  • Elements of leadership in wilderness skills

  • Wilderness adventure tripping

  • Special emphasis is placed on accident scene management

  • Leadership responsibility, and liabilities

  • Prevention of further injuries

  • Severe gross bleeding

  • Sudden illness

  • Bone and joint injuries

  • Environmental emergencies

  • Equipment and supplies

  • Advanced first aid kits

  • Spinal clearing

  • Back boarding and patient packaging for air rescue

  • Basic radio and hand communications

  • High and low angle rescue

  • GPS certification through Green Check

  • Tripping canoe certification with ORCA

  • and an extensive list of other wilderness topics..

  • BOOK NOW –   $750 per person


We like to call this the back country Barefoot Doctors course. It takes 7 days (around 120+ hours. You have to have Standard First Aid/Health Care Provider level CPR to join this course) You also MUST be at least 17 years old, physically and mentally fit. “NO SUITS TIES, DRESSES ALLOWED” Come prepared as if you were camping in the wilderness for the week, because you will be most of the time. Rain, shine or snow.


If you do not have your own equipment we do rent tents, sleeping bags, cooking and eating gear. Please bring one set of cloths you do not mind cutting up.


If you want us to supply breakfast, lunch, dinner or have special food needs let us know when you sign up


Wilderness First Responder

Most certification’s are good for 3 years.

CPR is recommended every year by Heart & Stroke Foundation.

All of our First Aid courses are APPROVED by and include all the WSIB course content.