BLS CPR Instructor

BLS CPR Instructor BLS CPR Instructor BLS CPR Instructor

Includes all the above CPR PLUS adult education and how to teach. It takes certification at the Health Care Provider level and 2 days instruction PLUS monitoring while you teach at least one or more classes to be sure you are OK and following the guidelines of the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

There is a lot of pre-course study (about 10 hours) so sign up early to get your Instructor course manual and other training handouts. Call for further information.

BOOK NOW $350 per person plus Instructor materials @ $150. Instructors are required to do regular updates or as things change. To maintain your certification you have to teach at least 3 courses per year one of which must be at the BLS – HCP level.

BLS CPR Instructor

Most certification’s are good for 3 years.

CPR is recommended every year by Heart & Stroke Foundation.

All of our First Aid courses are APPROVED by and include all the WSIB course content.