AED Operation

The Heart & Stroke are the creators of CPR & the use of AED’s.

An AED can increase the survival rate of a cardiac arrest up to 50 + % if used within 10 min. After 10 min without an AED most people will not survive.

The Heart & Stroke are responsible for putting AED’s in all arena’s in Ontario and many workplaces including all provincial buildings with the help of the Ontario government. A 20 million dollar program to save lives.

AED training is for anyone interested in learning a simple yet advanced life saving skill. You can save a life.

2.5 hours depending on the number of students,

BOOK NOW $35 per person 3 year certification

Most certification’s are good for 3 years.

CPR is recommended every year by Heart & Stroke Foundation.

All of our First Aid courses are APPROVED by and include all the WSIB course content +.

Since 1982